Let us gain you a huge FAN BASE


Stop buying "services" that just send you fake fans, fake Plays and Fake likes!

Work with an Agency that cares about your project and that's work is fully transparent and gains you an ENGAGING fan base over multiple networks as well as promotes your tracks to social influencers  in your music niche 


Let's face it 99% of all "services" out there only send you fake plays, likes, and fans.. these services are quite easy to spot, you will find you suddenly have 500 new fans all within the space of 5 minutes and by checking these so-called fans profiles you see they are nothing but fakebot profiles.. this will NOT help you get your music noticed I am sure you agree!

So what makes us different? i hear you ask, we built a mirror of your current accounts (so separate profiles which you have full access to), You can then see all the actions, comments, requests, engagements we make on your behalf and see the REAL fans come in and all the REAL engagement that happens, that mixed with the fact that the team are on hand 14 hours a day to discuss your project and address your questions, puts us head and shoulders above any other agency. 

Its quite simple.. we set up profiles on SoundCloud,Tumblr and Twitter (depending on which package you signup for) we find out from you who your "perfect fan" is  we then find successful artists in your music Niche be it Hip-Hop, Reggie, Dance or any other genre and start to engage with THERE fans, asking them to check out YOUR tracks, and asking them to give you feedback... before you know it you have thousands of ENGAGING fans!

The next stage is to send your latest news, tracks and information to social influences in your music genre and promote you to them once they see your massive, real and engaged following this will sway them into giving you shoutouts to there HUGE fan base.. which will help your music get heard and go viral!



Let us help you grow a REAL fan base and help make your music go viral!

Our work is 100% transparent you can see EXACTLY what we are doing to promote your music, no Fakes, no BS and we are here to talk over your project 14 hours a day via Skype, Discord and of course email.

  • All are work is transparent see EXACTLY what we are doing to grow your fan base
  • We are here for you, contact us 14 hours a day via skype, Email and Discord (Facebook group coming soon) 
  • No fakes! As you will see all new fans and followers will be 100% real people that WANT to engage with your music and hear about your latest tracks (perfect people to make sales to!)
  • Once you are "on the map" we then outreach to social infuluinces in your music niche and keep them updated with your new tracks after they see how engaged your fans are they will be more likley to post your work on THERE profiles... at this point your music will start to go viral.

We do our homework!

We find out who your "perfect fan" is and we then reach out to them to invite them to check out your music this makes sure all new fans are highly engaged!

Rapid growth

We work around the clock to grow your fan base fast all work is fully transparent see what is happening with your project 24/7

Go viral..!


Once you have an ENGAGED fan base we then send your profiles and data to an email list of promoters in the music business as well as outreaching to social influencers in your music niche we will make your music viral!

"Yeah growing at a fast rate and good no fakes or bots ha!"

- Lee Newman

"Working with you guys has been great! over the last 3 months the support has been fantastic "

- Jenny Reed

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